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Bandit’s Life ~ Snowflakes Have Arrived

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HoHoHo….Santa’s on his way and yesterday I swung into the store to pick up Bandit a storybook of lifesavers! Every year Bandit waits under that Christmas tree for that one present to be opened for him, he could care less about the stuffed toys and tennis balls, he’s all about those darn lifesavers! We also picked up one of those tiny toy fake pet mice things that zoom around the floor and make noise for his brother, Wally and of course Wally being the scaredy-cat that he is was totally freaked out by it…shocker right! What a wimp, Bandit finally got sick of watching Wally’s freakout session and walked over to it, picked it up and dropped right next to the scaredy-cat! As if he was trying to show him that there was nothing to be scared of. Somethings will never change….Bandit has to show Wally how to handle situations constantly! Things have been good here, busy but good! For the first time in like a year Bandit went back to the vet for his rabbies shot and like normal he hated being there but loved seeing all the girls. The Doc. said he looks great and is doing well and told me “good job” on taking such good care of him. They were also impressed that I’ve managed to control his weight. He was at 120 pounds and is still getting around very well, so that was good. I swear by those vitamins we give him everyday, they are what keeps him on the move. A couple weeks ago we were hit with a blizzard, dumping 2 feet of snow on us. So I’ve been very busy plowing paths with the skidsteer for Bandit. You know he’s always got to be in the “know” so I of course had to plow paths everywhere I might go throughout the day so he can tag-a-long….by the cows, by the hounds, upto the woodstove, upto the pole shed and poop paths because he refuses to take a #2 in the yeard in fear you might look that direction….yes he has manners people!! Wally on the other hand won’t hardly leave the yard as he’s a scaredy-cat and all about “look at me aren’t I cute” while taking a big #2 in the front yard…ugh I tell you sometimes I look at Wally and think “cute ain’t everything but it sure helps you.” Well I best get to wrapping up these Christmas presents since they haven’t wrapped themselves yet. Wishing you & your furry friends a Merry Christmas! 

Love~ Misty & Bandit

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~ by band09 on December 20, 2010 .

5 Responses to “Bandit’s Life ~ Snowflakes Have Arrived”

  1.   admin Says:

    Good job indeed! 🙂 Thanks for the update, we always love hearing good news about bandit! But do tell… what vitamins is he taking?

  2.   band09 Says:

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews
    I give Bandit 5 a day and honestly they really do keep him moving. I went without giving them to him for 2 weeks, wondering if they truly made a difference only to end up regretting it and running to the Vet to get some more because he couldn’t hardly move. He’s been on them, other than those 2 weeks since he had his leg removed. I honestly swear by these vitamins! Our Vet actually was the one who recommended them for Bandit’s well-being and I’m very thankful for that!!

  3.   jerry Says:

    Merry Christmas Bandit! What a big celebration I know you’re gonna have!!!

  4.   pyrlover4ever Says:

    Hi Misty,
    I am kinda new to the website. Just getting used to the forums and starting my own blog for my Great Pyrenees Patou. I really enjoyed all your blogs, sat and read every one of them. I was amazed at reading your first blog too, and the grief and fear, and sadness that goes along with the diagnosis, and decsions that have to be made. You like everyone else are VERY bonded to your pal.When reading the blogs and forums it does help and makes our own journey’s easier. I’ve enjoyed all the pics and your updates. Something that struck me was the fact that 2 of your 3 vets were in disagreement with you. I love my female vet, she’s very sweet and very skilled and she gave me the usual options, but at first I got the impression that she thought I was going to the extreme with the amputation and then the decision for chemo. But then later, she did tell me that she was glad I was doing the chemo and I guess she could feel that it was the right decision for me and my Patou. You never know how people are going to react to your decisions. I’ve had nurses and people give me these “are you kidding me… your getting chemo for your dog, looks!!??” And then I just wonder to myself if they were put in the same position with an animal that they were this close too, I think they would do the same. Thanks again for your blog. It’s very inspiring and you can feel the love and bond you share with your special fur kid. Congrats on Bandits progress… it’s very encouraging!!!!
    janet and Patou

  5.   band09 Says:

    Hi Janet & Patou,
    I am very sorry to read about your furry friend having cancer, it’s an emotional and devasting road. I’m sure you could tell from early post that I was very overwhelmed as to what to do and like you I didn’t know how to even begin that journey as I was still so heartbroken and shocked I felt as if I couldn’t think straight and it totally consumed my every thought. One minute I’d be crying, the next pist off, the next overcome with sadness and then back to crying, I was a mess! I can honestly remember it like it was yesterday but yet it feels like so long ago because this journey has been a long one but yet so worth it all! I feel your sadness and for that my heart goes out to you!! You’d mentioned about my Vets all not being in agreement and they weren’t 2 of them were upset actually that I’d consider it, not because they didn’t want to do it but because they were so concerned about his size. Luckily I also have a cousin who’s a Vet and a friend who is currently finishing up Vet School so they gave me tons of advice and they both said, “do it, amputate the leg forsure.” I can remember the defining moment I knew I was going ahead with it, I was standing in my kitchen crying and Bandit came hopping around the corner on three legs while holding his one front leg up, it was shaking because of the pain with a stuffed toy in his mouth and he looked right at me and cocked his head to the side like “come on lets play” and that’s when I knew I’d be going ahead with the amputation. Wow that makes me emotional because I don’t know if I ever posted that or ever told anyone that that very moment was when I made a choice for him finally and that’s when I felt like, “okay know we have a direction so lets do this.” Granted we still had many ups & downs but the choice had been made so now it was up to me to help him get through the pain and to be strong. I still am thankful everyday that I found the Tripawds site because everyone understood and I could ask things or read blogs and it made me feel like I wasn’t so alone. I hope that you don’t worry yourself to much about what other people think regarding the choice you made for Patou because you weren’t asked nor did you think you’d ever be asked to make a devasting choice like that and no one wants to be put in that position but when you are and decisions need to be made those people who may judge you most likely have no idea how hard, sad and emotional it is to come to that decision. Or maybe they’re missing that wonderful bond of true friendship with their own pet, so for them no decisions would need to be made! You stay strong and believe in your decision because when other people want to give up on your dog it will be you that helps pull him through, he needs someone to believe in him and that person is you:) We’ll be thinking of you & Patou and we’ll stay in touch!! Give Patou a hug from us!!
    Thank you for your kind comments!! Love~ Misty & Bandit

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