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Bandit’s Life ~ Oops We Forgot Our Fall Memories

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Well by now….our garden is almost done for the year, the calves are fiesty/goofy running around the pasture with tails pinned straight up, which Wally really enjoys, the leaves have all fallen and at night the air is nice and cool so we can sit out on the covered porch comfortably and relax. Bandit’s dropped a few pounds and is looking great he’s going for longer walks with me than before and the cooler weather helps as well. It’s taken some time but we’ve gotten there….YAY!! The hound dogs have too enjoyed the cooler weather, since I take them out in the 40 acre field everyday, rain or shine to enjoy some free time out running crazy and playing. I still load the dog’s up and take them swimming a couple times a week although I do take Bandit by himself sometimes because he swims a lot more without the other dogs there, mostly Wally. Oh yes little Wally, he likes to jump, splash and drive Bandit crazy. I’ve been preparing for winter by picking up firewood in the skidsteer that Matt has cut all throughout our land and stacking it up by the outdoor woodstove almost everyday for a few hours and of course Bandit being the “eye spy” he is, is always right there to watch my every move. I’m pretty sure Bandit, Wally and Rose aren’t the most helpful to me as I do this considering they are always right in the way as they hunt for mice under every piece of wood I pick up. Oh well makes for good company in the woods so it’s worth it even though it takes me twice as long between them hunting and wanting me to throw sticks. Another thing that’s taking forever is raking the leaves, oh my tons of them and at this point I kinda regret leaving so many trees in the yard and having such a large yard! And like everything around here the dogs join us for that as well and again it seems to take us twice as long since they spend more time running threw the piles than doing anything else.

My best friend’s little girl comes over a lot to play/visit and she too loves the leaf piles as much as the dogs. They get so excited when she’s here, it’s like having another playmate more their size. Bandit being the leader he is of course watches over her like a “mother hen” and Wally well he just wants to lick her, chase her or wait hopefully that she’ll drop a piece of food for him to nibble up. All in all it’s been a great Summer & Fall… we just need to get through the long, cold winter……hurry up Spring!! Love ~ Misty & Bandit

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~ by band09 on January 10, 2011 .

One Response to “Bandit’s Life ~ Oops We Forgot Our Fall Memories”

  1.   admin Says:

    Fall? Didn’t anyone tell Bandit, Winter is in full swing? 🙂

    Thanks for the update!

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