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Bandit’s Life ~ New Addition To Our Family

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Hello Everyone! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted & I sure hope all of you & your furry friends are doing well. Wow it was a long Winter around here and we’re happy to see Spring’s arrival! It’s that time of year again, we are having calves, cleaning up the yard and potty training the newest addition to our family as well…. QUINTCY BLEU!! He’s 9 weeks old today and he has fit right in with our family and the other dogs….he’s a keeper!! Bandit sure likes him although at times he can be a handful of trouble and annoying but so dang cute he seems to get away with a lot. He and Wally (our almost 3 year old Golden) have become good buddies as well although their relationship is all about playing and his relationship with Bandit is totally different. Oh don’t get me wrong he chews, jumps and barks at Bandit but mostly he likes to just cuddle up next to him or follow him around the yard. Quintcy seems to look to Bandit as some sort of security blanket and he follows Bandit’s lead which I was hoping would happen. I was telling Matt the other day how I had forgotten how many “up to NO good” moments German Shepherd puppies can find in one day. He keeps very busy to say the least. Bandit seems to be doing well which I am so grateful for! He’s been such a blessing in my life and sometimes I wonder how empty my life & heart would feel without him in it, so I take in the moments that count! He’s still the leader of this pack and that’s why I decided to get another puppy now, there are so many things I want this little guy to learn from him before he hurts too much or is too old & grumpy. I guess I look at it like….the best teacher/leader for a young pup is an old one and theirs no better teacher/leader than Bandit!  Well it’s going to be a nice day and I have much to get done outside this morning so I best get going. I hope you all have a great Spring….Bandit & I will be checking in soon. Take care & God Bless Dogs!!

Love ~ Misty & Bandit

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~ by band09 on May 10, 2011 .

6 Responses to “Bandit’s Life ~ New Addition To Our Family”

  1.   maximutt Says:

    Glad to hear Bandit is doing so well! And Quintcy is about as cute as cute can get! Congratulations!!

  2.   Leslie Says:

    Quintcy is so cute! But you already knew that. Glad to hear Bandit is doing well.


  3.   admin Says:

    he can be a handful of trouble and annoying

    Well, he’s a Shepherd! And a good looking boy at that.

    Congratulations on the new addition, glad to here Bandit is doing well. Please keep us posted on how his mentoring of Quintcy is going.

  4.   gunner Says:

    what an adorable puppy, little boy blue!

  5.   etgayle Says:

    what a great update, so glad you have a new man in the family!! it’s great the little one respects bandit and they are getting along so well.

    charon & gayle

  6.   wyattraydawg Says:

    You had calves?

    Hey Bandit, your new pal looks like he’s gonna be a big dawg! I know you’ll show him the ropes. Have fun!

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