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Bandit’s Life ~ The Morning Air Is Getting Crisp

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Good Morning Everyone! It’s probably safe to say that summer has been on it’s way out for a few weeks now, you can feel that crisp, clean, cold air in the mornings…..fall is on it’s way! Bandit of course is loving that, he doesn’t like all the heat and is truly enjoying laying on the front porch every morning while I sit there and have a cup of coffee next to him. Our newest addition, Quintcy Bleu has pretty much drove him to the break…ha ha! Bandit looks on as Wally & Quintcy Bleu run hot laps and then looks at me as if he’s thinking….man they wear me out just watching them. Quintcy is just like all the rest of the dogs around here, he goes to Bandit when he’s feeling out of sorts or when he got shocked by the electric fence….again! One of these times he’s going to figure out, oh that’s what’s making me cry and totally freakout, hopefully sooner rather than later. Because everytime Quintcy gets lit up by it and comes running as fast as his little legs can go, crying his head off Bandit goes into panic mode like….okay what’s wrong with you now, Band sniffs his entire body over and over again like….okay I can’t find where you’re hurt, so why are you crying. It’s funny & sweet how all the other dogs, see him as a security blanket, he brings this sense of calm to others I guess.

I’ve been working on training with Quintcy a few times a day and it never fails, everytime I say, “sit” I look across the yard or room and Bandit is sitting. I say, “stay” Bandit doesn’t move a muscle. I say, “come” and Bandit is at my feet. I say, “down” and you guessed it there’s Bandit laying down just hoping that I am going to give him those treats. The tricky one is…..”speak” of course Bandit always has to pipe up everytime, which only creates chaos because Quintcy thinks if Bandit barks he has to follow suit only he runs around frantically looking to see what is that he should be barking at, as Bandit sits there waiting for a treat. I’ve even tried working with Quintcy while leaving the other dogs inside and it still never fails, when I say “speak” coming from inside the house you can hear Bandit’s bark. All I can do is laugh because Band my be getting old but he still has it….gosh I love this dog!! I still can’t believe that in only a couple months it will the 2 year anniversary of his amputation. LUCKY DOG & LUCKY GIRL to still have her best friend!! Hope you all have a wonderful Fall, we’ll be back soon. Love~ Misty & Bandit

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~ by band09 on August 19, 2011 .

3 Responses to “Bandit’s Life ~ The Morning Air Is Getting Crisp”

  1.   admin Says:

    😯 My how Quintcy is growing up! And bandit is beautiful as ever. Thanks for the update.

  2.   chilidawg Says:

    Bandit is a beauty! Wow, both dogs are gorgeous! Congrats on your 2 year coming up 🙂 It’s good to hear that he’s doing so well!

  3.   Codie Rae Says:

    OH Bandit! Guess I missed your last few posts–I have not been around much these days either. You lucky dawg! You look fantastic and I am so glad to know you are doing so well. And I am sooooo jealous that you have the cutest little buddy on the planet. Tell your mom those pictures of the two of you are gorgeous! In that last photo Quintcy sure looks alot like my sidekick Travis Ray must have looked when he was that little (we was already 10 months old when we rescued him). If you need any help keeping Quintcy in line just let me know and I’ll fly on out there and kick his behind for you! Or you can just ship him out here to Tripawds Boot Camp, Oaktown Style!
    What a lucky little pup to have a great dawg like you to teach him the ropes and how to be the best GSD he can be!
    Keep us posted, with lots of photos!

    Codie Rae

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