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Bandit’s Life ~ finding hope

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Bandit July 2009I’m the girl who never thought she’d have to deal with nor make decisions regarding the life of my best friend, Bandit. For 8 1/2 years he has been a huge part of my life, or I should say our family’s life. He has brought us laughter, loyalty, security and most of all overwhelming happiness and friendship. Much to my heartache my life at the moment feels like a bad dream… dog has cancer and I don’t know what to do. I am scared to death to make the wrong decisions! All I do know forsure is that my heart has been broken by this. This is how I ended up here! My hope is that people who have been in my shoes and love their dog as much as I love mine could give me advice and help us. I am holding onto hope! I pray that he knows even if I make the wrong decision along this devasting journey….I really tried to do it all right and that I want him to keep his dignity along the way!

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~ by band09 on September 25, 2009 .

26 Responses to “Bandit’s Life ~ finding hope”

  1.   Codie Rae Says:

    Bandit and Mom, You have come to the right place! You can find answers to most of your questions here, I think. Try taking a look around on the forums too–there is lots of information over there. The Tripawd blogs are pretty new and it seems like most of the really experienced folk are over on the forums. You can go over there and make a post and ask all the questions you want.
    We have all had to face this battle and have dealt with it in many different ways–there is no one ‘right’ way, just what is right for you and your dog. Listen to your heart and to Bandit and you will find your way through this. The Tripawds community is here to give you the support and knowledge that you need to help you through this difficult time and the decisions you are facing.

    Take care,

  2.   band09 Says:

    Thank you Martha! I just feel so lost and it is nice to be able to go to Tripawds site and see that there is hope. If it’s the right decision for us that is still unknown until we find out if it has spread, however it does make me feel better to know I am not alone and neither is Bandit. I must admit though I did smile when watching the videos, they do seem to get around very well and more importantly they seem happy. I will forsure read the forums and ask my many questions. Hope to talk to you again:)
    Thanks much,

  3.   Tina Says:

    Hang in there Misty!! I was in exactly your same place on Sept 10th when I learned the diagnosis. I couldn’t even breathe I was so scared and all I could do was cry. Life with out our dogs is unimaginable but they CAN live with cancer. The major decision to amputate a limb was tough but we knew the pain was worse than trying to live with three legs. We are now 9 days removed from the amputation and things are going well. Like you, it’s hard to know what’s in store next but from what I’ve learned on this site and another, there IS hope! Keep up the posts and people will respond with all the information they have. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. We’re here for you. Big Hugs, Tina

  4.   Emilysmom Says:

    All of us on this web site know exactly what you and going through. It is not something that any of us ever expected to have to decide. There is so much information in the forums for you to read through as you make your decision.
    Basically the question everyone seems to have is whether or not dogs can have a good quality of life after amputation. Absolutely. Emily is my five year old doberman mix. She had her back leg amputated four months ago. Had we not made the decision to amputate she would probably be gone by now. Either from the cancer or that we probably would have had to put her down from the pain from continued fractures as the OSA ate away her leg. Instead, she is a happy dog, maybe not quite as active all the time, but she can still run across our yard to jump on the trampoline!
    You are not alone. Consider posting on the forums. I think most people seem to read the forums.
    Debra & Emily

  5.   band09 Says:

    Good Morning Tina,
    Thank you for your post! I am happy to read that your 3 legged friend is doing so well after amputation:) I hope he contiues to climb along this journey and soon enough he’ll be totally happy and healthy again! Right now it seems as if our hands are tied because of the low blood platelets and Bandit being sick with that, lymes and anti plasma…just more stuff to make this all worse. We live out in the country and I know that animals get those things while playing out in the sticks but this year we didn’t need it that’s forsure. Monday I should find out about his cbc levels and at that point it’s time to make decisions. Tough is this maybe I feel like I owe it to him to be strong and loyal to his needs. I am just praying that it hasn’t spread and our Vets doesn’t believe it has, which anything you hear that is even leaning toward positive no matter how little it maybe, is a good thing these days! I look forward to talking to you again. ~ Misty and Bandit

  6.   band09 Says:

    Morning Debra & Emily,
    Happy to read that Emily is doing well and has beat the odds because of the amputation! Yesterday as I took Bandit for a walk around the field I was thinking that he could do it on 3 legs. I know he’s a huge dog with his weight around 130 to 135 pounds and yes he might be 8 1/2 years old but he is strong, pure muscle and everything makes believe he’d want to live even if only on 3 legs. Our Vets say he is too big to have his front leg removed and he’ll end up having trouble with his other leg like weakness, stress fractures, etc. I am going to spend time tonight reading and posting on the forums (once I figure it out…new to all this but trying to learn my way around) in the hope that I could get somemore answers, mostly about his size and age since this is what our Vets are most concerned about. They had said if he was 90 pounds there is no doubt they’d remove the leg asap and as I sat there my heart had just sank because I wanted him to tell me that this was an option for Bandit and they didn’t. They did say though they would do it if I truly believe this is what needs to be done. I just feel lost I guess and then I get mad at myself because right now Bandit don’t need someone who is lost, he needs me to make decisions which is why I spending hours reading, listening and talking to people, to help me look at all options. Thanks again for taking the time to write to us and to make us realize we are not alone! Hope to visit with you again, Misty & Bandit

  7.   admin Says:

    Bandit is beautiful! And there are no wrong decisions here. Thanks for sharing your tail.

  8.   jerry Says:

    Bandit, you are a pawesome, strong looking dog. We’re so sorry you got diagnosed with cancer. That really stinks. I wish I could make it go away for you. It’s not fair.

    Has your Mom gotten a second opinion? Sometimes there are vets out there who don’t believe that a big boy can do well as a tripawd, but we’ve had tripawd friends that weight as much as 165 pounds! Seriously!

    Please, tell your Mom that no matter what, there are no “Wrong” decisions. It’s all about what is right for you and your life right now. Only you and your Mom knows what the answers are.

    Also, please don’t go with a vet who seems in any way uncertain about the outcome of doing a major surgery like amputation. The last thing you need in your life right now is doubt and uncertainty, and a vet who doesn’t have a lot of experience with it. Try looking for a board certified surgeon for another opinion. let us know where you are, we’ll see if we can help, OK?

    Your friend,

    Spirit Jerry

  9.   cairasue Says:

    HI there,

    Just a couple thoughts. I’m not sure how far you are from a teaching hospital-but it may be worth a drive to go for a second opinion, and to see practitioners with more in depth knowledge. My personal vet thought euthanasia was the best option. When we went to UC Davis, though we were given all kinds of options. Now our dog is involved in a (paid for) inhalation chemo study. ON top of that, our amputation was cheaper than it would have been in our town.

    Also, I have had 2 playdates with a 148# tripawd named Cemil. And although he is not running miles, he seems quite happy. I think part of it depends on what your dog enjoys. Most activities they can do
    again. Look up Cemil and Mary. She can tell you about her experience.

    Bandit is a handsome boy.

    Mary and Caira Sue

  10.   band09 Says:

    Hello “Spirit” friend Jerry! Thank you for your kind words and advice! Sorry I would have responded sooner to these last few comments however we’ve been without power due to a storm since about 5:30 last night. I actually just got off the phone with the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin. I received a call early this morning from our Vet to say that Bandit’s cbc test came back and it is very good, his blood platelets are normal again. That means this Thursday morning we will be bringing him in for chest Xrays, ultra sound and a bigger biopsy sample of the mass. I want the Xray and ultra sound done forsure to confirm it has not spread however I am very concerned about the biopsy. If we already know from the needle smear sample that was sent in that indeed it is Spindle Cell Soft Tissue Tumor do we really need to put him through a larger biopsy….I just don’t know?!?! My feeling on it is…..he’s going to go through enough so who cares what kind of Spindle Cell it is, no matter what kind…’s not good. They will not be able to remove all of the mass since it is throughout his paw and no matter the kind it will lead to the same outcome, if nothing is done. So I guess today that is where I am….wondering do I have them take a larger sample or not, for us to know the correct name of the mass does it matter, he needs to get rid of the leg to survive if it hasn’t spread. So honeslty it just doesn’t matter to me if I know the exact kind of Spindle Cell it is. I feel frustrated and very emotional today…cancer is cancer and I just want it to be gone:( Not to mention it is all very expensive but we’ll find a way. I am tired of wondering and sick to my stomach from second guessing everything! It’s like I just want someone to say, take him here because they will know what to do to help him physically and they won’t doubt themselves or my dog, as I help to pull him through emotionally. I guess today is just a really bad day but Bandit was cheerful and happy running around all weekend which I have to smile and be happy for! It’s like he is handling it better than I am right now. It kills me because I am the girl who is always strong and this has hit me like a ton of bricks. I have 7 other dogs and had some growing up but he is that “one” dog a person has once in their lifetime that they know deep in their heart they will never share that type of bond with any other. Don’t get me wrong I love all my other dogs and I am close to them, especially Wally he’s a little 1 year old Golden and Bandit is like his babysitter but Bandit is just different. He knows when I am sad, scared, nervous, happy or mad without a single word being said and his actions are always based off of my emotions. When I do talk to him it’s like he totally gets what I am saying. I don’t know you but I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving people like me and dogs like Bandit a place to go when we are feeling like no one understands:(

    I am sure we will be in touch again and we look forward to getting more advice from you!

  11.   band09 Says:

    Mary & Caira Sue, thank you for your comment. I have contacted the UW Vet Hospitals near us and actually spent an hour talking to a Doctor from UW Madison. I also spent another hour today talking to a friend of mine who is in the veterinary school down there. She was very helpful and actually helped to calm me down since I don’t know why but today was not good for Bandit’s Mom. I will be searching around on here for Mary & Cemil as well, looking forward to reading their story. I am still learning how to navigate my way around while trying to concentrate on any task at hand due to the fact I have a million things running through my head at once these days…heck I even think about thinking….not good:) Hopefully this week I will get sometime to read many of the stories on here. Right now I am big into watching the videos because they give us a reason to believe. Watching Jerry and the other dogs playing, happy and 3 legged….that works for me. Tomorrow is another day and we’ll see what that day brings but for tonight Bandit and I have a date on my bed. Talk to you again ~ Misty & Bandit

  12.   band09 Says:

    Dear Tripawd Admin. Thank you for having a place for us to get answers, help, options, advice and most of all….kind people and thriving dogs…..since you’ve all been here!

  13.   admin Says:

    That’s what we’re here for! Your comments mean a lot to us since that is exactly why we set up the Tripawds Blogs community. And you will find even more advice and help from everyone in the Tripawd Discussion Forums!

  14.   jakesmom Says:

    I’m so sorry about Bandit… He is a gorgeous shepherd! I also have a beautiful shepherd, Wolfie… but it is my 10yr old golden retriever, Jake, that has been recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. He is 12 days post amputation today, and seems to be handling it pretty well. I know you must be devastated… I’m sending good thoughts your way and keeping my fingers crossed that Bandit’s x-rays and ultrasound don’t show any mets.

    Keep posting updates, keep asking questions and venting your frustrations! We are all going through similar situations, so we totally understand how you’re feeling…

    Jake’s Mom

  15.   band09 Says:

    Good Morning Jake & Mom,
    Your baby too is a beautiful boy! Happy to hear that Jake is doing better and I hope he continues to improve! I will make sure I keep an eye on your page so I can watch his journey:) I will continue to post as well. Yesterday I spent sometime in the forums just looking around and reading. I am hoping to post in there as soon I get it figured out. Thank you for your comment to us, it is nice to wake up and have someone there who understands. Talk to you again:) Misty & Bandit

  16.   cairasue Says:

    You address what I was just trying to explain in one of the forums! We are too stressed to figure out the forums when first diagnosed! So I will take my own advice and see if you can get here:

    Mary and Cemil should show up on that page. Just above it is a “PM” button. That stands for private message. You hit that and you can send something straight to Mary and Cemil. Then she will write you back! Cool, eh?

    Mary is a kind soul. Cemil has had an amputation, but no chemo. Mary goes to a holistic practitioner and follows several alternative treatment options. He has been doing great since feb! For some pix or video of the tripawd party we had, just check out my blog. Cemil was at both parties.


  17.   band09 Says:

    SEPT. 30th, 09
    Well it’s Wednesday night and I am scared to death about going to the vet again tomorrow. I am not so sure I really understand why I am so scared other than I just am not so sure I could handle much more bad news. I am PrAyInG that it has not spread and I don’t think it has but for some reason it is just something I need to be told by the Doctor!!! I think I am more scared for Bandit does he understand that even though I bring him somewhere he doesn’t like to go and let them do things to him he don’t like to do, that I don’t do it to hurt him….I wonder does he know I am trying to make it better and help him….all the questions drive me crazy! I wish I could just go to sleep but why bother I will just lay there and think so I might as well stay awake until my body is so tired it has no choice. Bandit on the other hand is fast asleep laying by the front door like usual although we did cuddle on the floor for an hour alittle bit ago. This morning when I crawled out of bed he got up to come see me like always and he was limping on his leg so I gave him 2 bufferin and 20 minutes later he wanted to play. This is the first he has limped in awhile. He had an awesome weekend playing outside. Then Monday and Tuesday we went for walks and were outside alot so he’s been on his leg/paw alot. My cousin called me today from Southern Wisconsin to talk to me about him. It was very sweet of her, she just wanted to let me know about her Father In Laws lab that had the same tumor as Bandit has. She said that his dog was bigger than Bandit and finally had his leg removed and happily lived another 6 years. She wasn’t trying to tell me what to do but she like so many other want to share their story in hopes of giving me some insight and to let me know that she cares and I am grateful! One thing is bothering me though….my Mom….we are very close and she is a wonderful person but since I have found out that Bandit has this she never brings it up and I know it’s because she is just too sad for me, Bandit and even for herself. You see…she’s not really a dog lover/person, I get that from my Dad and Bandit is the only dog she’s ever loved other than her one childhood puppy. The few times she has went to say something about it she just gets tears in her eyes and says she can’t talk about it….maybe she just needs time. She loves us both and she knows me very well and she knows this has broken my heart and my spirit:( To be honest I don’t talk about it to hardly anyone and if I do I don’t say much. I write on here because this way I can say how I am feeling and I don’t have to feel embrassed for crying over my dog because everyone on here gets that but there are some people who don’t and think a dog is just a dog! Well my dog is not just a dog he is mine and I love him so knowing he’s sick hurts! I better get a few things done yet and try to get some sleep, tomorrow will be another long day for both Bandit and I. Please say a prayer for him that all goes well, thanks!
    Goodnite ~ Misty & Bandit

  18.   jakesmom Says:

    I’m saying a prayer for you and Bandit… that things go well with his vet visit today… Let us know how it goes.

    Jake’s Mom

    PS – Maybe your mom should go on the Tripawds forum and read some of the stories about the other dogs… Maybe that would help her understand and deal with what you’re going through…

  19.   band09 Says:

    OCT. 1, 2009 ~ GOOD NEWS…finally something to not stress about and feeling grateful! Bandit’s test to see if the cancer had spread to his chest cavity/organs came back great…nothing was found! Kinda funny how I cry when I am sad and still cry when I am happy. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could breathe again. So from now on we will still take it day by day. I did decide last minute to let them do a tissue biopsy because the only test we had done was the needle biopsy and that did show the Spindle Cell Soft Tissue Tumor but the UW Madison didn’t have enough of a sample to determine other things about it. So although I had thought I wouldn’t let them I changed my mind because our Vet asked if they could please get a better sample especially since I am truly considering removal of the leg. They said if we knew more of what exactly we were dealing with (what kind of spindle cell) this would help to decide on amputation and when it should be done. Some Spindle Cell Soft Tissue Tumors actually are known to spread, some are known to stay in that central location, some grow faster and some slower so that seemed like logical thinking to me. So I had them do it since Bandit was already going to be put under anyways. When I went back to get him 2 hours later of course he was crying and howling his head off in the back room once he heard me…have to love that! Tonight he is doing good and just happy to be home, having trouble getting him to stay put and not run around. Atleast this time he isn’t vomiting from being put under. Oh I almost forgot he gained 5 pounds, I was like well he’s been feeling much better since the lymes, antiplasma and platelet count has been taken care of…all the girls laughed but our Vet gave me a look like Misty trim him down. When we got home I had to inform Bandit that he’s on a diet from here on out since he needs to get down to fighting weight to lose that bad limb. Not so sure he understood at first but when he cried by my leg for an hour for a bone and I wouldn’t give it to him he may have gotten the point. He’s probably thinking, “well Mom’s being mean today, first she took me back to that miserable place and now she won’t even give me my daily bones”. Sucks to be the mean guy but hey I am just doing what is best for him and all the doctors I talked to said get his weight down to 115 to 120 pounds….so this means diet time! Sorry Band, I do love ya! Well since I actually think I might be able to sleep tonight I better get off here and finish up somethings. Goodnite and we’ll be saying prayers for your dogs! ~ Misty & Bandit

  20.   jakesmom Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Bandit is home with his mommy… I will keep my fingers crossed for Bandit, that his pathology comes back as more benign than malignant… But if the news comes back not as positive as you hope… well then, there is ALWAYS some hope! That’s why we’re all here!!! So what kind of food has Bandit been eating up until now, and what are the vets recommending you do? Switch to a low cal diet, decrease portion size with your current food? I had to switch Jake from his regular food to Royal Canine calorie control a few months ago… since he had put on some weight. That was way before his surgery… but now I’m so glad I did! Kepp us posted!!!

    Jake’s Mom

  21.   band09 Says:

    Hello Everyone & Jake’s Mom,
    Well the pathology came back as bad news and I have spent the last several days kinda by myself (other than with the dogs around) just trying to deal with this and figure it all out. I am confused, scared, sad and angry….I spend most of my days pacing around the house thinking and worrying. This can’t be good for Bandit, I have to stop this not only that I am making myself physically sick. He’s my best friend and I’m so mad! I’m mad that he is sick, I’m mad that all I do all day is cry, I’m mad that I can’t make up my mind. I keep asking myself what are the right answers…do I remove the leg now, do I wait, shouldn’t I remove the leg, if don’t do it or if I do would I feel guilt. I am hoping that maybe over the weekend I can just calm down and find somekinda peace where I’ll be able to get back on being focused and go with what’s in my heart and what I think he’d want. He’s not feeling well since they did the larger biopsy and his paw hurts so now I am mad at myself for letting them do it. He was feeling so well prior to the biopsy and running around having fun that now I look at him have to say I’m sorry for taking you in for the biopsy. I feel like this is just one evil game however I maybe a mess but when it comes down to it I am a fighter and Bandit will feed off of my emotions so he to will fight. I have a question….since I let them take a bigger biopsy so we had a better idea of what kind of cancer it truly is and how that kind of cancer usually grows…now I am worried that because I let them cut into it does that mean it will spread now…my vet said no but like all cancer it can be unpredictable….of course that’s all I think about. I spend so much time reading that that too maybe is a problem so I’ve been trying to only go onto the University Vet sites to get information or talk to the friend of mine from UW Madison. Oh I forgot to mention above what kind of cancer they determined it is from the tissue biopsy…Synovial which confuses me because the needle biopsy they had did said it was Spindle Cell Soft Tissue…more questions for the Vet and reading I guess. Well I better try to get somethings done around here since I have to leave for my Son’s football game later today. Hope everyone’s doggy friends are doing well! And thank you Jake’s Mom! ~ Misty & Bandit

  22.   tootsweets Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Bandit! It was so sad to read your post because we all have been there and know how much it hurts to hear the word “cancer.” My dog Toto was diagnosed with cancer a month ago. We had his leg amputated and later found out it is hemangiosarcoma, which is more aggressive than osteosarcoma. I understand the feelings of confusion and anger and sadness. Each decision we have had to make has been incredibly stressful. BUT, I have found that I feel so much better after I make the decision! There are no “right” decisions, but we do the best with what we know and then we have to just go with it. I know that you will decide what is best for you and Bandit, and then just be confident that you have done what you can and enjoy your time with Bandit!

    Toto and family

  23.   jakesmom Says:

    I’m sorry that you’re having to go through all this. I wouldn’t wish this situation on my worst enemy! I so understand everything you’re going through… What is the right decision? I don’t know… If it’s a cancer that will definitely spread, then I guess I would amputate, just in case there is a chance that the limb is removed before too many cells spread. At least, that’s what I did in Jake’s situation.

    It’s a big deal having their leg amputated… but Jake is already 25 days post-op, and is doing pretty well. I’ve had alot of anxiety, alot of crying (though I try to keep it away from Jake… mostly when I’m driving to and from work)… I think that my hair has started to fall out… I look so freaken tired all the time… but my baby is still here with me! And he smiles alot… has fun swimming… and cuddling with us… So I think I made the right decision. But his freaken cance is still going to kill him one of these days, and that really, really pisses me off! It’s like I have no control over that… but at least I do have him with me, for a while longer, though I have no clue for how much longer. I see others on this site that have their dogs for just a few months more… others for alot longer. Of course, we are hoping Jake has alot longer to life and enjoy his life with us! I lost 2 other dogs (German shepherds) before this… and they were both acutely ill and died within 24 to 72 hrs. I never had any extra quality time with them… so I am so grateful that I have the extra time with my Jake.

    This is such an emotional situation that you are in… Just take comfort in knowing… there is no Right or Wrong. Whatever you finally decide WILL be because you LOVE Bandit so much, and just want to do the best thing for him. He will love you no matter what!

    I’m thinking of you and Bandit… and hope that whatever you decide to do, that you post here, or on the forum… for all the loving support from all of us that are also going through the same thing as you. I kind of feel like everyone here is my friend, thought I’ve never met any of them. But they all have the same feelings as we do, and will support us no matter what happens!!

    Jake’s Mom

  24.   band09 Says:

    Dear Toto and Family,

    I too am so sorry to know that you and your family are going through this devasting journey as well…it is very sad and trying that’s forsure:(

    We hope that Toto continues to get better and live pain free.
    Thank you for you kind words! ~ Misty & Bandit

  25.   band09 Says:

    Good evening Jake’s Mom,

    I’d like to thank you for taking the time to write us and let us know you care and also for your advice. The last week has been very hard Bandit’s paw hurts and over the last two days it hurts to the point it just shakes. So mad that I let them talk me into doing a bigger tissue sample he was doing really good before then…ughh I will from here on out only go with my heart and no ones going to talk me into nothing. That darn tissue sample didn’t change anything other than making me worse…fearing that now it will spread and making Bandit’s paw have chronic pain…ughh why didn’t I just say no way, mad at myself for that! No matter how bad it hurts though he still wants to go with in the car to take Aust to school or go fill the wood stove with Matt or visit with Aust when he comes in from football practice. Yesterday morning I was standing in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee I looked over only to see him standing there with his leg held up almost to his chest and it was shaking, with a toy in his mouth and his tail wagging. At that moment I just thought, “I know in my heart you aren’t ready to say goodbye and you want to live” and I just wiped the tears from my face and smiled at him, sitting the coffee down to go play in the living room. I had to go to the vet this morning to get some pain meds and a different kind of anti-inflammatory med as well. The lead Vet was there and I said that I didn’t want to leave him in pain but I am not going to put him down because of his paw hurting. I know there will come a time and who knows when that will be but as of right now I know this is not the time, it’s just his paw. I will not put him down just because of that, that can be removed and that I am truly considering it’s time to remove the leg. The Vet said that if we are going to really think about that then Matt & I should sit down with him and the other Vets to have another consult. Which I will be scheduling tomorrow. I know that they don’t want to do it because he’s so big, the chance that maybe it has spread, the fact that he’s older and because he could fracture his other front leg or cause too much strain to it….I get those concerns and I have struggled, screamed, cried and thought about all of that! What I keep coming back to is….I CAN NOT put my dog down because of pain he has in is paw and should it already have spread or should it come back somewhere else we’ll deal with that at that point but as of right now….they can’t find it anywhere else and they don’t believe it has spread so the only way to try and stop it from spreading and to make the pain goes away is to remove the leg….lets do it then. My husband and I talked about it today for the first time actually because we just couldn’t before one of us always broke down. Matt and I agreed that it would be better for Bandit to be given a chance rather than letting the pain overcome him. We’ll take our chance on the other front leg getting stress fractures, it spreading or whatever. But if we do nothing then all we do is watch him be in chronic pain and drug him. Everything in my heart says to me that he wants to live. I am not being selfish whenever that time comes I just know I’ll know but it is not now.

    Again thank you so much for taking the time to write us and be honest. I took sometime tonight and watched your videos and read your blog…I very much enjoyed it and it made me feel some sense of peace. I can use that right now considering I am not just emotionally drained but physically as well. Thanks for being a friend to us although we’ve never even met you, maybe someday the world is alot smaller than people think!

    Goodnight & Best Wishes to Jake! ~ Misty & Bandit

  26.   jakesmom Says:

    Misty, one more thing. If you do go ahead with the amputation, you should really buy a ruffware harness for Bandit. I have found that it’s helped Jake ALOT! I also worry about his remaining leg getting fractured… but the harness helps him and I think it will also help Bandit… Good luck at the vet consult!!!

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